About NCapture

This feature is available in NVivo Pro and Plus editions. Learn more


NCapture is a free web browser extension, developed by QSR, that enables you to gather material from the web to import into NVivo.

You can use NCapture to collect a range of content—for example, articles or blog posts. You can also collect social media content from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

1  Display a web page or content from a social media site in your browser.

2  Capture it with NCapture. NCapture creates a file for each captured web page (or captured social media data). The NCapture files (*.nvcx) are stored in a folder in your computer file system.

3  Import the content you captured into NVivo. NVivo lists the NCapture files that are available in the specified folder location on your computer. You can choose to import all or selected NCapture files.

For information on using (or installing) NCapture, refer to the NCapture Help.