How project properties are handled during import

This feature is available in NVivo Pro and Plus editions. Learn more


When you import items from another NVivo project, the following project properties may be changed:

Project Property Comment
Project user profiles Duplicate project user profiles are not imported:
  • Standalone project user profiles are duplicates when they have the same user name.
  • Server project user profiles are duplicates when they have the same Windows user account.
If you import content created or modified by a user who does not exist in your project, then the project user profile is also imported.
Stop word lists

The stop word lists in your project are retained.

Paragraph styles

Default paragraph styles in your project are not updated when you import content from another project.

Custom paragraph styles may be updated when you import an entire project. If the imported project has unique custom paragraph styles, the unique custom styles are added to your project. If a custom style with the same name exists in both projects, the custom style definition in your project is not updated.

 Imported documents retain their original paragraph styling.

Custom audio/video transcript fields Custom transcript fields (columns) that are unique to the imported project are added to your project, until you reach the limit of 10 custom transcript fields.