Interact with a hierarchy chart

This feature is available in NVivo Pro and Plus editions. Learn more


You can interact with your hierarchy chart to explore a specific data point in more detail or view the data underlying the chart. Hierarchy charts are available in NVivo 11 (Update 1).

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Navigate a hierarchy chart

You can navigate the tree map and sunburst charts by clicking any area or using the breadcrumb trail.

  • Click any area on the chart to drill down. The child area will expand, displaying any further nested items. A breadcrumb trail will display at the top of the hierarchy chart showing the context of your current view.

  • Continue to click child items to step down the hierarchy.

  • Click levels on the breadcrumb trail to step back up the hierarchy or click the home icon to return to the top level.

NOTE: The mouse pointer changes to a hand when you hover over an area that allows you to drill down.

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Open content from a hierarchy chart

  • Right-click on an area in the hierarchy chart to see the shortcut menu, and then click one of the following options:

Hierarchy chart of... Option Action
Sources Open Source The source opens in Detail View with coding stripes displayed for the selected nodes most coding the source.
Attribute values View Cases or View Sources A filtered classification sheet opens showing only sources or nodes represented by the area on the hierarchy chart—you can view or change their attribute values.
Nodes View References The content coded at the node displays in Detail View.

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